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The Fourth State of Water: From Micro to Macro

Fourth State of Water: from Micro to Macro was conceived by artist, Victoria Vesna, as collaborative experience, based on an exchange and dialogue among artists, scientists, curators, theoreticians, social activists and other interested...

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Jan Berdyszak. Density of the shadow. Between light and darkness

On very few occasions not only the meaning of the title, but the meaning of each word of it, is important and indicative of an exhibition. Let’s start with light. How many associations the word light triggers in our mind? How many physical and...

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People and the City

People and the City sets out to undertake a journey through a range of different themes that have characterised the relationship between the city and its inhabitants since the very beginning of the 20th century and does so through paintings,...

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Publication accompanying the exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Association of Polish Artists On the occasion of an 100th anniversary of the foundation of ZPAP (the Association of Polish Artists), Centre of Contemporary Art...

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Marzena Nowak | to

A publication by the Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu on the occasion of the exhibition. Curator: Rainer Fuchs realised within Focus Poland project Sensitive observation of psychological and intellectual processes is one of the foundations of...

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Margaret’s Golden Hair

Krystyna Piotrowska represents a totally unique kind of art which belongs with categories of experimental activity. Her attitude to art and the existential problems she is intrigued by is likewise unique and idiosyncratic. It is equally difficult to...

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Massimo Bartolini | Serce na dłoni

A publication by the Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu on the occasion of the exhibition. Curator: Dobrila Denegri   Serce na dłoni is an exhibitive project conceived and realised especially for the Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu...

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Spaceship Earth

The more advanced science gets, the closer it is to art. The more advanced art gets, the closer it is to science. Richard Buckminster Fuller, one of the most influential architects of the last century expressed in this way his belief in the dialogue...

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Jerzy Ludwiński. Wypełniając puste pola / Filling the blanks

„Jerzy Ludwiński remains an inspiring figure not only to scholars in contemporary art history but also to artists. The dynamics of Ludwiński’s actions and beliefs cannot be easily described in the process of analytical reflection; they...

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Apogeum. Nowa Ekspresja 1987

Why 1987? What happened that year? A lot in contemporary art. Firstly, it was then that the most significant exhibitions for New Expression took place: ‚What’s up?’ in the former Norblin works in Warsaw, 2nd Biennale of New Art in Zielona...

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