The Institution is funded from the budget of Toruń Municipality

Reading Room

The Sömmerrings’ Reading Room

is a modern space of distributing knowledge on visual culture – it’s a place for research, an archive and a freak room, in one. A space that breaks out its readers from their every day routine by the means of letters.

We present books that Kafka described as biting and stinging, making us think. The Reading Room, with its friendly lightining conditions and comfortable furniture, gathers the ever growing set of publications from the wide area of contemporary art and visual culture, all set in a functional catalogue system.

The collection is  developed by a few ordering categories, such as : Visual Culture and Art, Catalogues and Monographies, Islands of Books, gathering selected topics. Apart from books, we offer magazines from all around the world, dictionaries, terminals with internet access, e-book collection and wi-fi, as well as thematic exhibitions and literature events.


Logo of Reading Room

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