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Published: 30 czerwca 2011 Views: 1085 Books, Publications

Margaret’s Golden Hair

Krystyna Piotrowska represents a totally unique kind of art which belongs with categories of experimental activity. Her attitude to art and the existential problems she is intrigued by is likewise unique and idiosyncratic. It is equally difficult to find its ancestors and any contemporary artist who could represent a similar approach.
She finished her education and began her artistic career path in the mid 1970s, a heyday of the reception and development of Conceptual art in Poland. She moreover studied in the best art school of the time, the Poznań College of Fine Arts, which set high intellectual requirements to its students and stressed the mastery of workmanship. Some features characteristic of her school can be found in the artist’s output and nature. However, this is a question of selective choices and absorbing of what’s near and necessary rather than that of influences. When we follow her artistic path we can easily observe that since her very first solo works she seemed as if programmed. While she did change, the transformations took place within the same pivotal assumption, or rather the framework of imagination and thought.
Krystyna Piotrowska has since the very beginning used in her art and virtually made it her exclusive motif, the human figure, in particular the face.

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A publication by the Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu and The Arsenal City Art Gallery

Edited by
Krystyna Piotrowska, Wojciech Makowiecki

Catalogue texts
Bożena Kowalska, Ewa Toniak, Anda Rottenberg

Marcin Turski, Paweł Falkowski

Bogna Błażewicz, Karolina Sikorska, Katarzyna Radomska

Design and typesetting
Grzegorz Laszuk K+S, Anna Hegman K+S

Jacek Gładykowski, Krystyna Piotrowska, Katarina Stoltz

Photographs preparing
Wojciech Olech

Project coordination (The Arsenal)
Bogna Błażewicz

Project coordination (CoCA)
Matylda Hinc

Artist wishes to thank:
Most cordial thanks to all the women who have let me plait their hair, and to the
experts for their opinions on hair.

The plait, Photo: Krystyna Piotrowska

© Authors of the texts
© Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu
All rights reserved
© The Arsenal City Art Gallery
All rights reserved
Printed by
Drukarnia DRONA

ISBN : 978-83-62881-03-1


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    Margaret's Golden Hair
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    Margaret's Golden Hair
  • catalogue inside
    Margaret's Golden Hair
  • catalogue inside
    Margaret's Golden Hair
  • catalogue inside
    Margaret's Golden Hair

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