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Margaret’s Golden Hair

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Published: 30 lipca 2011 Views: 1405 Books, Publications

Marzena Nowak | to

A publication by the Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu on the occasion of the exhibition.

Curator: Rainer Fuchs

realised within Focus Poland project

Sensitive observation of psychological and intellectual processes is one of the foundations of Marzena Nowak’s work. Using subtitle structures, and repetitive and reductive gestures, she approaches the realm of feelings and emotions, providing for it conceptually motivated and structured „pictures” of memorable intensity. In this, the artist transpires to be an interloper in a number of ways. She thematically links painting, drawing, photography, video, object and
installation art, and also makes us aware of the relations between personal experience and socio-cultural frameworks.


Edited by
Rainer Fuchs

Catalogue texts
Manuela Ammer, Dobrila Denegri, Rainer Fuchs, Chus Martinez

Greg Bond, Michał Frąckowski, Aleksandra Jakubczak, Zofia
Reinbacher, Giles Shephard, Joanna Ziemska

Paweł Falkowski, Anna Gleb, Paulina Kuhn, Katarzyna Radomska

Design and typesetting
Grzegorz LaszukK+S, Anna HegmanK+S, Łukasz Jakielski

Marzena Nowak, Leszek Nowak, Andrew Phelps

Untitled (Red Ribbon) 2011
paint, steel
150 x 110 x 100 cm
Courtesy of Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin /
Ljubljana; Galerie Mezzanin, Wien

Printed by
al. Piastów 42
72-062 Szczecin
ISBN: 978-83-62881-02-4

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    Marzena Nowak | to
  • catalogue inside
    Marzena Nowak | to
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    Marzena Nowak | to

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