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Published: 22 czerwca 2011 Views: 1693 Books, Publications

Massimo Bartolini | Serce na dłoni

A publication by the Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu on the occasion of the exhibition.
Curator: Dobrila Denegri


Serce na dłoni is an exhibitive project conceived and realised especially for the Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu by one of the leading Italian contemporary artists, Massimo Bartolini. In this exhibition, like in an imaginary journey, artist leads us through two parallel stories about a wandering heart. The first was written in 1913 by one of the most intriguing figures of Italian art, Osvaldo Licini, and the second – by an anonymous Polish poet of old times, but both are very strong metaphors about wandering, losing, dispersing, as well as about the act of giving and sharing. They can also be seen as metaphoric transpositions of what is at the very base of each work of art: an invitation to reveal and share ideas, visions, notions, emotions, and generally all those values that go beyond strictly material realm. In this work, two immaterial elements: light and sound, are the main protagonists of a very particular performative act. They underline those qualities that strongly distinguish Massimo Bartolini’s work: subtleness and anti-monumentality as means for challenging conventional exhibition formats, offering to the public a unique perceptive experience. His ways of altering the space through light, sound or movement, question the viewer’s perceptive capacities and customary notions about temporal and spatial dimensions, implying that one of the main aims of art is to expand our perspectives and change our fixed viewpoints.

Massimo Bartolini (Cecina, 1962) has been exhibiting internationally at most important contemporary art venues and his works make part of numerous public and private collections. His artistic work has been developing since the mid ‘90s and it derives from multiple sources of inspiration that range from theatre, literature, poetry and music up to philosophy, physics and broader studies of natural phenomena.


Edited by
Dobrila Denegri

Catalogue texts
Dobrila Denegri, Daniil Kharms, Osvaldo Licini

Entries by
Dobrila Denegri

Aleksandra Jakubczak
Filip Lipiński

Anna Gleb, Anna Kompanowska, Katarzyna Radomska (Polish version)

Design and typesetting
Grzegorz Laszuk K+S, Anna Hegmank K+S

A. Andrini
C. Cantini
A. Delfanne
M. Evangelista
R. Galasso
N. Giordani / M. Catanzaro
A. Maranzano
R. Marossi
P. Pellion
A. Schneider
M. Varesco

Photographs preparing
Wojciech Olech

Window on Window, 2002 – 2003
Courtesy: Museo d’Arte Contemporanea – Castello di Rivoli

Printed by
Legra, Gdynia

ISBN: 978-83-62881-01-7


  • catalogue inside
    Serce na dłoni | Massimo Bartolini
  • catalogue inside
    Serce na dłoni | Massimo Bartolini
  • catalogue inside
    Serce na dłoni | Massimo Bartolini
  • catalogue cover
    Serce na dłoni | Massimo Bartolini

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