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7. PLASTER - poster

Published: 6 kwietnia 2016 Views: 2935 Art, Home, Plaster

7. PLASTER International Festival of Poster and Typography


The 7th edition of the International Festival of Poster and Typography Design PLASTER is dedicated to the graphic design of Ukrainian artists. It is aimed to present the variety of creative expression among the designers of Ukraine and to track the unique features within their work.

In an attempt to present the broadest possible perspective of the graphic design from the neighbouring country, we are planning to show the works of experienced artists that have been  forming the style of national design for years, such as Oleg Veklenko, Nikolay Kovalenko or Oleksii Chekal, along with inspiring representatives of the young generation, either workng for art studios such as Grafprom, 3Z and Vikavita, or freelancers, like Dasha Levchuk, Viktoria Grabowska and Andriy Shewchenko.

The festival features not only works relating to the tradition of graphic design, created with the use of calligraphy and drawing, but also projects developed with the use of contemporary tools and technologies.

We would like to reflect upon a question of the nature of Ukrainian design – how much of it is actually based on traditional aesthetics and how much makes part of the global trends of contemporary design.

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