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Poster promoting 6 CoCArt Music Festival

Published: 21 lutego 2014 Views: 1579 Art, Festivals

6. CoCArt Music Festival

21-22 February 2014


This year we invite You to the sixth edition of the CoCArt Music Festival ! Unique in this part of Europe, the festival aims to integrate the latest trends in the field of contemporary music avantgarde with visual multimedia art projects. It’s a real celebration of electronic and electroacoustic music, gathering artists from all over the world. This year’s line-up features an international group of legendary performers, as well as representatives of the Polish art scene. Enjoy!



  1. Bocian Records (PL)
  2. Bernd Klug (AT)
  3. Innercity Ensemble (PL)
  4. Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim (DE)
  5. Piotr Kurek (PL)
  1. Witold Oleszak/Adam Gołębiewski (PL)
  2. Innercity Ensemble (PL)
  3. Mia Zabelka (AT)
  4. Francisco López (SP)
  5. Jason Kahn (CH)
  6. Wilhelm Bras (PL)
CoCArt Music Festival

Curators: Rafał Iwański i Rafał Kołacki
Coordinator: Piotr Zawałkiewicz

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