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Inauguration of CoCA’s Contemporary Sculpture Park

Inauguration of CoCA’s Contemporary Sculpture Park

When: 21 Oct 2021 (Thursday), 15:00

Maciej Szańkowski’s work The Strings of Wind VI. A Sculpture for Toruń, prepared especially for the Toruń Centre of Contemporary Art, was unveiled in Art Boulevard. The metal piece is 5.2 m tall.

As of now, Art Boulevard it to be known as Contemporary Sculpture Park.

Across nearly sixty years, Maciej Szańkowski has remained faithful to his artistic vision of treating space as material which helped him develop a unique artistic vocabulary and secure a position in Polish ‘spatial art’.

The artist merged photography with his sculptural skills, bridging form and its representation. Within ‘spatial art’ in the broad sense referencing photography, Maciej Szańkowski’s activity has become a representative attempt at the ‘extended concept of sculpture’ in Polish art, capturing spatial phenomena in reciprocal relations. A majority of his installations, even those that come in series, are determined by space. And so it will be this time: for the inaugurated project of CoCA’s Sculpture Park in Art Boulevard, the artist is going to produce a singular work – The Strings of Wind VI. A Sculpture for Toruń.


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