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Screening of Piotr Dumała’s animated films

CoCA “Znaki Czasu” collection – new acquisitions 2021

Published: 16 października 2021 Views: 635 Exhibitions, Home

Andrzej J. Lech – Fotogenia

CoCA “Znaki Czasu” collection – new acquisitions 2021, part 1

When: 3.12.2021 – 9.01.2022

Exhibition opening: 3.12.2021 (Friday), 18:00

Curator: Andrzej Saj

The second part of exhibition: click!
After the vernissage we invite you to a screening of Piotr Dumała’s films: click!


The photos by Andrzej J. Lech have been gathered under a collective title of “Fotogenia”. What does this term suggests about the works presented at the exhibition? For it has to be added that it is a rather broad concept and one not entirely unambiguous, as is often the case when interpreting works of art… It refers to that aspect of photographic representation (a photo-documentation) which at the same time contains within something more, expresses said advantage over simple depiction of reality, points to contents that may be dependent also on the person looking at the given photo. Therefore, fotogenia is what connects – so to speak – to the aura of artistry, that is the individual, subjective influence of a photographer’s intentions and emotions, which have been somewhat “projected” into a captured frame.

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