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Apogeum. Nowa Ekspresja 1987

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The Forge. The exhibition was organized within the program of a national symposium about the mutual influence between plastic arts and artistic photography (10-11th of May). Due to this the opening ceremony was attended by nearly the entire photography milieu of the period. The intention of the creators was for the exhibition to be a uniform, taken over space that confronts the dilapidated and raw architecture of the building with the created, peculiar in their form artistic objects, objects found on the spot and photos dispersed on the floor, on the walls, the doors, or the ceiling. In the building the artists found a rake, a shovel, cloths, window frames, old planks of wood, and all this was of course included in the exhibition.

The idea behind The Forge was to show a confrontation of architecture (perceived as spatial form) with the articles in it, objects and photographies. The works have been composed in such a way as to blur the boundaries between the photograph, the object and the environment. As a result, the entire exposition turned into a spatial form that connected artistic space and reality.”

excerpt from the text by Piotr Lisowski – From the amateur phenomenon to a mental space. The exhibition of group ZERO-61at the forge as a place of interaction with the exhibition space.

Publication accompanying the exhibition The Forge

Editing by
Piotr Lisowski

Katarzyna Radomska

Jarosław Hetman
Maciej Pokornowski

Anna Chojnacka, Andrzej Różycki, Elżbieta Tejchman

Design and typesetting
Rafał Jara

Printed by
PW Warex, Toruń

ISBN: 978-83-929875-5-0

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    The Forge

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