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photo of the building


photo of the building

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CoCA in Torun, even if young, already profiled itself like an institution that puts emphasis on concepts of “being contemporary” and “being international”. It’s interdisciplinary character and it’s openness towards most innovative and “cutting edge” researches in variety of expressive media guarantees it’s active and dynamic role within regional and national cultural context, and underlines it’s strong potential in a dialogue with other contemporary art institutions operating world-wide.

Openness towards experimentation and innovation, focus on current creative practices expressed through plurality of media and artistic languages underlined in the mission-statement of the Centre is also the basis on which this program-proposal for the period 2011 / 2014 is grounded. It aims to deepen as well as to amplify this premises through series of group and personal exhibitions by international and Polish artists; site-specific interventions indoors and outdoors, performative events, residencies, workshops, talks, panels, lectures and other complementary activities. Through the wide range of activities this proposal aims to profile the Centre as genuine platform for arts and for development of intellectual context befitting our present time.

The programme of exhibitive and other complementary and didactic activities by following two principal guidelines which are intrinsic to the character of the Centre itself:

  • First guideline regards exhibitive activity which has to be of high level, internationally oriented and interdisciplinary, innovative in terms of presentation and coherent in terms of conceptual structure.
  • Second guideline is determined by the fact that Centre shouldn’t function only as a “Kunsthalle” – a space for temporary exhibitions – but also as a museum whose purpose is to hold, preserve, amplify and promote it’s collection.

Therefore programme is structured through three types of thematically interlinked and coordinated exhibitions: quadriennial, biennial and annual.

/ Four-yearly programme consists of 4 (one for each year) thematically interconnected large group exhibitions and 8 (two each year) personal exhibitions by Polish artists curated by international curators.

/ Two-yearly programme consists of 1 large research and exhibitive project which will involve international curators and artists, and will be realised as exhibition (one for each year) and as publication / book.

/ Annual programme consists of personal exhibitions by international artists invited to do a special project for the Centre.

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