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Poster promoting Dialogue Design Festival

Dialogue Design

Festival of Graphic Design within the programme of Polish Presidency 2011 – Promesa     The Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA) in Torun, one of the newest and most vibrant national institutions dedicated to promote contemporay polish...

Poster promoting 2 Plaster Festival

2. PLASTER – International Festival of Typography and Poster Design

Artists: Władysław Pluta (PL), Ed Fella (USA), David Crowley (UK) Jacek Mrowczyk (PL) Martin Majoor (NL), AntonKoovit (EST), Barbara Wais (A), Marcel Bencik (SK) and many others. The second edition of PLASTER Festival presents typography and...

Poster promoting Cocart Music Festival 3

25-26 march 2011 III edition of the CoCArt audiovisual festival is partly based on the last year programme that could not be pefromed because of the national mourning on April 2010. This year the CoCArt...

Poster promoting Chopin Festival

Field of vision festival: Chopin – Pole Widzenia / Pole Słyszenia

The idea behind the 3rd POLE WIDZENIA (FIELD OF VISION) festival is the interpretation of Chopin’s music. The point of departure for this year’s edition is the juxtaposition of new media art and Chopin’s masterpieces. The diversity...

festival poster

Pole Widzenia 2 festival

3-5 September The second edition of the POLE WIDZENIA festival is dedicated to establishing new, more creative formula for the art of animation, in terms of its visual content and various ways of presentation. The current festival, as opposed to the...

festival poster

II CoCArt Music Festival

24-28 March 2009 II CoCArt Music Festival is a creative follow-up of the festial’s first edition of the festival, that took place at CoCA in March 2009 The basic idea of CoCArt organizers is to present current trends in the field of...

festival poster

CoCArt Music Festival

CoCArt Music Festival was the first artistic event organized by Centre before its official opening. It took place on the 28th and 29th of March in cooperation with artistic group HATI from Torun. The main idea was presentation of new trends in...

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