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Poster promoting Dialogue Design Festival

Published: 9 września 2011 Views: 1405 Art, Festivals

Dialogue Design

Festival of Graphic Design within the programme of Polish Presidency 2011 – Promesa



The Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA) in Torun, one of the newest and most vibrant national institutions dedicated to promote contemporay polish artists, decided to present its activity in the neighbouring Republic of Belarus. The interdisciplinary Dialogue Design / Dizajn Dialogu Festival is meant to initiate a series of meetings between two different artworlds, with their various historical background and current design trends.


DIALOGUE stands for the leitmotiv of the festival – seen as the dialogue between Polish and Belarusian artists, between various forms of artistic creativity and art manifestos as well as between diverse fields of art, such as graphics, music and animation. This dialogue also constitutes a springboard for various comparisons, but above all it’s meant to create an opportunity for the artists and the public to meet and discover new art phenomena in the field of graphic design. The lectures and workshops that make part of the programme will certainly offer a great possibility for the begginers and more experienced professional artists to discuss, exchange opinions and start artistic  cooperation that may result in creating collective, Polish-Belarusian art projects.

The festival, featuring many leading Polish designers and teoreticians, such as Dawid Korzekwa, Hakobo, Homework, Franciszek Otto, Mirosław Adamczyk, Szymon Saliński,  Nikodem Pręgowski and Rene Wawrzkiewicz, involves presentations of Polish and Belarusian artists in the public space of Minsk. The outdoor exhibition of posters and logo signs focuses on the confrontation of those two basic elements of every designer’s emploi. The  poster, frequently defined as a most simplified graphic form, a visual riddle, is juxtaposed with the logo – a most radical form of visual sythesis, giving inspiration for endless discussions and workshop activity.

The lectures, discussion pannels and workshops with Polish artists, dedicated to the problems of typography, ID and poster design, constitute the educational part of the festival, meant to present Polish art scene with its diversity of traditions, inspirations and concepts, to the wider Belarusian public.

The programme also features an unusual multimedia performance, an artistic dialogue between Polish visual artist, Michał Mierzwa, and Pavel Ambiont, a Belarusian musician. The audience will also experience amazing technological sophistication of Paweł Janicki’s interactive installation that enables the viewer to participate in the process of artistic creation.

The posters and logos presented in uncommon formats will also be exhibited in Poland as a part of future design related projects.  DIALOGUE DESIGN / DIZAJN DIALOGU blog constitutes a virtual channel of the festival activity, presenting documentation of art events and comments.

All festival events are free!


Check out the detailed schedule of festival events on our blog:

Support was granted by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage
Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Main organiser
City of Torun
Kuyavia and Pomerania Voivodship

Minsk City Executive Committee
Polish Institute in Minsk

Museum of Contemporary Art in Minsk
National Beauty School in Minsk
Belarusian State Academy of Arts
Belarusian Union of Designers
Association of Applied Graphic Designers in Poland

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