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Exhibition / Childhood

Joachim Elzmann

Published: 20 października 2018 Views: 959 Art, Exhibitions, Home

Exhibition in Košice / Labyrinth. Works from the CoCA collection in Toruń

When: 15 November – 7 December 2018
Where: Kulturpark Kosice, Slovakia
Curator: Krzysztof Białowicz

The Labyrinth exhibition at the Bravo gallery will present a selection of works from the collection of the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń. The Centre has been assembling its collection of works of art since its inception in 2008. This particular exhibition aims to provide the viewer with an outline of contemporary art, focusing mainly on installations, objects, painting and graphics, and will offer an opportunity to observe the world by balancing between three-dimensional space and images confined in canvas or paper frames. The works contrast with each other and provoke the viewer to inquire into how they are interrelated. To give but two examples, suffice it to consider the installation Naked flame by Piotr Grabowski and the unassuming painting by Marcelina Gunia, or, likewise, the expressive ‘mise-en-scène’ by Szymon Kobylarz and the oneiric canvas by Vojislav Radovanović.

The concept of the exhibition combines the classical take on a work of art (e.g. the paintings by Marek Zbysław Maciejewski or by Andrzej Guttfeld) with artistic experiments involving a certain degree of risk (e.g. the installation by Mirosław Bałka). Two videos by Angelika Markul and Massimo Bartolini seem to subtly disrupt the exhibition space. They may serve the function of a bookmark: seemingly neutral and providing some respite, they clear up the way through the labyrinth at the same time.

The title Labyrinth is also a tangle of sensations and choices. Sometimes it may seem that we are on the right track, while at other times we are at a loss and feel like prisoners who cannot get outside. An important theme of the exhibition is also a reflection on the perishability and fictitious devaluation of art. By juxtaposing works created in different periods of time and often divided by decades, the curator aims to find their mutual inspirations.

At the exhibition we will see works by thirty-eight artists.

  • Bogdan Przybylinski
  • Szymon Kobylarz
  • Jarosław Kozłowski
  • Kijewski i Kocur
  • Ireneusz Kopacz
  • Krystyna Piotrowska
  • Krzysztof Mazur
  • Paweł Lewandowski Palle
  • Piotr Grabowski
  • Vojislav Radovanovic - painting




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