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Exhibition / Zdzisław Sosnowski. My time

When: 15 June – 30 September 2018

Opening: 15 June 2018 (Friday), 7pm
Tour of the exhibition with the artist: 16 June 2018 (Saturday), 2pm

Curator: Mateusz Kozieradzki
Coordination: Renata Sargalska
Preparation: Wojciech Ruminski

The exhibition of Zdzisław Sosnowski’s artistic accomplishments entitled My time is the second exposition of this kind at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń designed to present Polish artists who work and create abroad. Zdzisław Sosnowski is an intermedia artists, dealing with various fields of art, from painting, photography and film, to music and computer graphic design. He has also organised artistic events such as shows and exhibitions. In 1982 he left for France, where he has lived and worked ever since.
The exhibition at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń is an overview of the artist’s work, from the very beginning, until the most recent projects. The Polish period (works created before 1982) will be represented by conceptual works. Special attention should be paid to the photographs and films that record the reality of those days, as well as the works created together with the artist’s wife, Teresa Tyszkiewicz. At that time, the artist was collaborating with the PERMAFO gallery and was close to the neo-avantgarde movement. In 1975, he started working for the Contemporary Gallery in Warsaw, which had its share in presenting many foreign artists in Poland. In the 1970s he created one of his best known works – Goalkeeper – which is a presentation of the goalkeeper in photographs and films. This work may be related to another man with the same name – Zdzisław Sosnowski, the goalkeeper for Polonia Warszawa, the last living champion of Poland in football from 1946. This is also how the work refers to the myth of fame as created by popular culture. In his works, the artist departs from cold conceptual presentation and is visibly drawn to the attractiveness of the mass culture image. This marks the beginning of the post-conceptual period in Sosnowski’s art.
The other part of the exhibition includes the works from the Paris period, often created with the help of a computer. The artist goes back to his previous works, rendering a new meaning to them, but he also creates new ones. He resumes the topic of tautology, self-creation and media profile. It is already in France that he creates a direct reference to Goalkeeper – the film titled Robokeeper, which addresses the presence of robots in the contemporary world – a robot-goalkeeper can catch every ball and defend any shot on goal. The works from the Paris period are also distinctive because of the values related to experimenting with art and because they tackle environment-related issues.
The exhibition at the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń will be the greatest overview of Sosnowski’s works ever organised in Poland.


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