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Published: 20 sierpnia 2013 Views: 1799 Books, Publications


Wonderingmode is a hybrid term which contains a multitude of potential meanings of the word “wonder” / “wondering” (marvel, sensation, spectacle, curiosity, awe, fascination, surprise, amazement, search) and of the word “mode” which, in this particular context, would like to allude to fashion, style, look, but also to the way, manner, approach, process or practice. That’s why Wonderingmode seems a good term to be used in the context of the exhibition dedicated to those creative paths which tend to push fashion outside its conventional boundaries and link it with art, architecture or design. Wonderingmode is related to the show, but for me its meaning is much wider: it is a synonym for a state of mind, for a condition of a wonderer who moves freely, guided by the curiosity, by the urge to discover, by the wish to step on the road not yet taken, accepting any direction in which this road might lead. That’s why this exhibition is only one (and hopefully not final) stopover on this road; it is just one phase of the wider research addressed towards the type of fashion that goes beyond clothes, beyond the imperative of wearability and in favour of the creation of objects and concepts hybrid by definition, since generated through cross-breeding and intersection of different domains of knowledge and different productive processes.

part of text Wonderingmode by Dobrila Denegri
  • Wonderingmode - cover
    Wonderingmode - cover
  • Wonderingmode
  • Wonderingmode
  • Wonderingmode
Dobrila Denegri
Dobrila Denegri
Judith Clark
Kaat Debo
Dobrila Denegri
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Linda Loppa
Maria Luisa Frisa
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Tomas Rajnai
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Emanuele Quinz
Anna Kompanowska
Ian Corkil
Zofia Smith
Monika Ujma
Natalia Cieślak
Ian Corkil
Paweł Falkowski
Katarzyna Radomska
Grzegorz Laszuk K+S
Anna Hegman K+S
Marcin Treichel
Iris van Herpen
Voltage, 2013
model in Tesla coil: Natalja Heybroek
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