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PRZEprojekt or Affecting the Head

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PRZEprojekt exhibition 003: A NICE PIECE OF ART

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Published: 29 lutego 2012 Views: 1700 Przeprojekt

PRZEprojekt: Action Space

exhibition 001: Chance or Method
1 – 11.03.2012

artists: Karolina Ciężkowska, Marta Dziomdziora, Monika Grubizna, Krzysztof Jagusz, Adrianna Jarzębowska, Justyna Jaworska, Magda Kos, Dawid Majgat, Paulina Opałka, Ewa Pawlata, Liliana Piskorska, Agata Skupniewicz, Dorota Stępień, Olga Szczechowska, Magdalena Węgrzyn, Agnieszka Żarnowska

curator: Magda Węgrzyn
collaboration: Marta Kołacz, Piotr Lisowski

An exhibition dedicated to the act of creation initiates the PRZEproject action space series. Questions about the meaning of creation and its driving forces should be, even though they not always are, important to anyone who sets out to make art in any form. Creation is considered to be a mental process resulting in producing a new, valuable idea or work. According to Professor Józef Kozielecki, creation is a specific type of transgression, or overcoming limitations. Is art supposed to be intentional or should it happen by chance? A vast area of artistic activity – creative process that gives a distinct shape to a work of art tends to be overlooked. More often than not, this is meant to be so as artists prefer to emphasize the problem their works centre around. Many artists pay little attention to how they work. Is it because they are unaware of the importance of the process or reluctant to reflect upon it, or perhaps this apparent lack of method provides, in fact, adequate means for achieving an artistic objective?

Contemplation, preparation, inspiration, frequently subjective experience and impressions, the choice of tool and naturally chance, method or its absence are vital to creation and deserve consideration. It is here that questions start to arise. What is the core of creation? Is the very act of creating important enough to be highlighted?

Is effort expended on creating a bad work of art insignificant? Is it true that effective solution of a problem overshadows the amount of effort devoted to working towards it? What is the significance of time, good intentions, attempts and enthusiasm to producing a work of art? What hides behind the product, what are artistic intentions? Which is more important: artistic attitude and idea, consistency and persistence or the final product, i.e. the work of art? What role do viewers occupy? If they expect a finished “product”, are they mistaken? Or is that a privilege they enjoy? What is the true meaning of the phrase that everyone can be an artist but not all works of art are to be viewed or listened to? Who are they that view and listen? Who is viewed and listened to? This is but a choice of questions which can be asked within the context of chance versus method in artistic creation and self-reflection in art.

On March 1, artist initiating PRZEprojekt are going to shed light on significant constituents of artistic work: planning, thinking, perceiving and observing. Bringing creative process into focus they are going to open a unique kind of dialogue promoting empathy and compassion between viewers and creator, or art.

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